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Dexter Godfrey – America's Fearless Success Speaker

Dexter captivates his audiences with his wit, humor and inspiring messages of overcoming fear. His engaging and highly energetic style encourages audiences to recognize their ability to live purposefully and choose to be fearless.

Dexter is the founding member of Leadership & Sales Academy. He holds a degree in Business Administration and has over 20 years of experience in training and sales. Along his journey of life, Dexter has encountered challenges, failures and setbacks – including the diagnosis of cancer at the age of 41. During his talks, he shares stories of his struggles with fear and doubt. He integrates these lessons and techniques into each presentation to help others "work out" their confidence so they too can begin to fear "less" and achieve more.

His latest book, Fearless Success – It's Up To You, was recently released and is currently available on in paperback and Kindle. Dexter is also a founding member of the John Maxwell Team.

Here are some of Dexter's other Fearless Success speaking and training topics:

  • Fearless Leadership
  • Fearless Customer Service
  • Fearless Growth
  • Fearless Sales Success

Teddy Reid – The Strategic Planning & Management Expert

Teddy Reid brings more than 22 years of sales, customer service, and business development training to the Leadership and Sales Academy.


Teddy is skilled at working with clients to develop strategic planning, structure, and management systems. His goal is to help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations achieve their goals in a systematic way that produces immediate change and long term results.


Teddy currently serves as President for the Leadership and Sales Academy and Director of Business Development for Global Wind, LLC.


Teddy draws on his many years of experience in the retail industry, insurance industry and as an entrepreneur to provide insight, strategies and support to our students and clients.



Melanie Holden – Behavior and Interpersonal Communications Specialist

Melanie specializes in helping others recognize their behavioral styles and educates groups and individuals on how to effectively adapt their style to better connect with those around them. Her signature training is entitled "It's Not Personal, It's Behavioral" where she identifies the four major behavioral styles and how these styles affect us at work and home.


Melanie is a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst (CPBA) and a Certified Professional Values Analyst (CPVA). She oversees the administration and debriefings of the Leadership & Sales Academy's core group of Behavior and Motivator Assessments. Melanie assists individuals and organizations in the areas of teambuilding, communication, hiring, employee retention, workplace performance improvement, employee engagement, job training, and facilitation.



Latrece Williams-McKnight – The Faith based Ministry Leadership Expert

Latrece is the "go to" expert for faith based organizations who want to develop strong leadership skills. As a leadership teacher, Latrece partners with individuals and organizations to fully equip them with the Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal and Mental Fortitude tools they need to experience a life filled with success. She is an expert at empowering leaders to "raise their leadership lid" so they are able to encourage and inspire others to reach higher heights. Her latest book, "Backwards Growth" is a must read.


Latrece received her Master's Degree in Christian Education studies at Andersonville Theological Seminary and she is currently completing studies at Princeton Theological Seminary at the Institute for Youth Ministry. She is one of only fifty fellows selected from across the country to participant in the Inaugural Black Theology and Leadership Institute at Princeton Theological Seminary.


Along with her experience as a certified John Maxwell speaker and trainer, Latrece uses her skills and knowledge as a Christian minister to deliver meaningful, profound, exceptional educational messages to her audiences. Her passion and commitment to effecting positive change by effectively leading and serving others is evident in all of her teachings.



Matt Gavano – Mr. Producer
Marketing and Sales Pro

Are you creating video concepts and simulating the real time experience online? If not, Matt can help you maximize your marketing dollars and expand your marketing potential. With statistics reporting that 80% of consumers go to the internet first, Matt will help you be where your customers are when they need you.


Having been involved with multiple major startups, Matt is skilled at merging video with the internet and teaches others how to have consumers gain product knowledge of their business 24/7 through online video streaming. According to Matt, "Knowing what you do the best and being able to leverage that as many times as you possibly can with the least amount of effort or cost is called BINGO in the marketing industry!"


Through this new wave of video technology, Matt will show you how to reach your audience 24 hours a day 7 days a week without interruption. From set up to filming, editing and delivery, Matt will help you to produce a top rate product to fit your needs so you can confidentially maximize your marketing dollars while expanding your target audience.



Sabrina Watson – The Family Leadership Education Expert

As an educator and facilitator, Sabrina brings more than ten years of experience teaching and training to the Leadership and Sales Academy. Sabrina has participated in developing research in the areas of parenting, family relations, and child-adolescent development.


Recently Sabrina served on an International Committee of professional speakers, teachers, and coaches for the 2012 inaugural John Maxwell Youth Leadership Impact. One of her ultimate goals is to be a teacher on the leading edge of a mind and spirit revolution.


Sabrina Watson received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Master of Arts in Education and a Teaching certification from Norfolk State University. She is currently completing a Ph.D. in Human Services with a specialization in Family Studies from Walden University and just released her newest book, "When You Have to Be the Man."



Chris Robinson – The Business Growth Pro

Chris is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their personal and business growth goals. His group training and one-on-one coaching has helped many businesses throughout the country.


Prior to joining the Leadership and Sales Academy, Chris began his coaching journey as a Senior Sales Manager for the largest vehicle service contract company in the United States, Chris realized his niche for recognizing the strengths and overcoming the weak areas of business and he helped grow the company from 18 employees to over 700. After experiencing this tremendous growth and recognizing his own desire and ability to encourage, inspire, and communicate life-altering success principles to others, his desire to coach was born.


Chris has the ability to assess a situation, recognize the problem, and lay a solid, workable plan of action that empowers the business or individual involved. Whether it is a team of 200 telemarketers, a new business without clear direction, or an individual looking to quickly climb the corporate ladder, Chris will get you where you want to go.



Derek Bateman – Web Master &
Director of Information Technology

As the Director of IT with Leadership & Sales Academy, Derek handles just about all technology and eBusiness related aspects of the company. He handles email setup and issues, web and application development, graphic design, and server management.


Derek is a graduate from ECPI University with a Bachelor or Science in Computer and Information Science. He also has an A+ Hardware / Software Certification from Electronic Systems Incorporated.


As a member of the team from the beginning, Derek has played a key role in the development of Leadership & Sales Academy from both a business and technology standpoint.


Derek also brings over 15 years of sales, service, and management experience to the team.



Carol Carlan – Behaviors Expert

Carol is passionate about making a difference in people's lives. After being drawn to the wisdom of Dr. John C. Maxwell, internationally renowned leadership expert, coach, and author, Carol became a Founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team. His teaching reflects Carol's philosophy:

"Leadership is more than instruction. Leadership is influence. And that influence begins with one – one person adding value. One person casting vision. One person making a lasting difference. And that one becomes many."



Darren Jacklin – Hidden Assets Expert

Darren Jacklin mentors thousands of men and women on specific and measurable strategies that they consistently use to increase their income, transform their obstacles into cash flow and turn their passion into profits.


For over 17 years, Darren's uncanny ability to increase wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, overlooked opportunities and undervalued possibilities has captured the attention of NBC, CBS, international radio stations, magazines and newspapers, movie producers, best-selling authors, CEOs and business experts worldwide.


Darren has personally trained over 130 Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, AT&T, Black & Decker, Barclays Bank, and numerous government agencies as well as high school and professional athletes from more than 36 countries.



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